What is HALCA

Ingredients used in HALCA (Some of the ingredients *This is an explanation of the ingredients and does not represent the effects of HALCA.)

Water (Natural water at the foot of Mt. Yatsugatake) It is the most abundant ingredient. It is written only as "water", but there are various types such as purified water and normal water. At HALCA, we use 100% natural mineral water, which flows from the foothills of Mt.
natto gum It is a natural plant extract obtained by decomposing and fermenting leguminous soybeans. It enhances the emollient effect and prevents rough skin.
aloe vera leaf extract It is a natural plant extract taken from Liliaceae Aloe vera, and contains many types. Prevents rough skin and keeps skin moist.
carrot root extract A natural plant extract from the root of the carrot that has a collagen-like effect. It fills the skin with dead skin cells and keeps the moisture in, preventing rough skin.
orange roughy oil Colorless and transparent oil extracted from deep-sea fish orange roughy. The ingredients are very similar to human sebum, so it blends in smoothly without being sticky.
fructooligosaccharide An oligosaccharide containing fructose obtained from sugarcane. Moisturizes the skin.
xylitol Plant-derived sugar alcohols keep your skin hydrated and prevent rough skin.
Mannitol A sugar alcohol derived from glucose that keeps the skin hydrated and prevents rough skin.
Allantoin It can be expected to protect the skin.
aminocaproic acid As a type of amino acid, it can be expected to protect the skin.
argania spinosa kernel oil A rare extra virgin oil obtained from the seeds of the argan tree fruit that only grows in southwestern Morocco. Rich in vitamin E, this highly moisturizing organic oil blends easily into the skin.
Sodium lysine dilauroyl glutamate A highly safe and highly functional moisturizing ingredient made from natural fatty acids and amino acids glutamic acid and lysine. It is a component similar to intercellular lipids and protects the skin.
Polyquaternium-51 It is a polymer molecularly designed to imitate cell membranes. It has excellent moisture absorption and can maintain high moisture retention for the skin and hair, giving moisture to the skin and preventing rough skin.